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Jesus inspects himself in the tractor mirror. Drugstore reflection of the procession in Trapani, Sicily Shadows of Altar boys in Buseto, Sicily Jesus awaits the start of the procession in Buseto, Sicily Marsala Easter procession Procession with Jesus and Mary in Marsala, Sicily Trapani spectators - a woman kisses the Madonna Trapani - the next generation of Easter processions carriers The Catholic security guard of the statues jewelery Mezzojuso, Sicily - the clouds, the highway Good friday. After the procession - sleeping youth on the harbourfront bench Buseto, Sicily. Mary and Jesus on a Easter Float Roman soldier helping Jesus Christ with his cross in Marsala, Sicily Easter security personal checking to see if Jesus is ok Devotional Mary. Marsala, Sicily Group of faithful Christians waiting for Jesus Good Friday. Procession participant. Trapani, Sicily Trapani, sicily. Easter Float carriers carrying the Madonna Easter Procession Float carriers, Trapani, Sicily Buseto, Sicily. Jesus carrying his cross. Mary at his side Easter processions. Jesus illuminated by a flood light Rain. Altar boys drape the cross of Jesus Christ with plastic Candle light illuminates the path for Lady Madonna Procession Floats photographed from a balconey Easter Procession Floats. Trapani, Sicily Statue of Jesus Christ, Palermo, Sicily Emotionally returning the floats back into the church After the procession - sleeping inside the church. Good friday, Trapani Easter Sunday. Prizzi, Sicily. Dance with the Devils A woman dances with two Devils onh this traditional Easter Sunday A young boy is dressed in his Devil costume in Prizzi, Sicily Easter Sunday in Prizzi, Sicily. A storm is on its way Young women are preparing for the Easter Celebrations. Buseto, Sicily Siloute of Jesus Christ and a Roman soldier Good Friday. Trapani, Sicily. Carrying of a procession float Protecting the Madonna from rain Altar boys light the path with candles

Processione dei Misteri - Good Friday and Easter in Sicily

The religious atmosphere moves me just like the Sicilian light fascinates me. The magical moments. I turn around - and discover a Jesus inspecting his crown of thorns in the rear view mirror of a tractor.

These trips to Sicily are about traveling back to my roots - in 1907 my ancestors migrated from San Fratello to Ontario, Canada. Over 100 years later, I go back to photograph and experience these celebrations.

2011, my first time experiencing the Procession of the Mystery (the traditional Good Friday and Easter processions) and in the following years - most recently in 2014 - these images found me in San Fratello, Trapani, Buseto, Mezzojuso and Palermo.