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International Photography Exhibition - Galaţi 2018
Kırkpınar - oil wrestling in Turkey
Dates: 12.02 - 05.03. 2018

International Photography Exhibition - Galaţi 2018 Photographer Tony Melvin Exhibits

The Theme:
International Photography Exhibition - Galaţi 2018

You will meet and recognize the spirit and the talent of the creative vision. This initiative exists to honor art and artists who bring their work and talent to complement the cultural heritage of the whole world to which we Romanians must remain connected. It is a moment in time, in which we celebrate collective value in ideas, discipline and execution. Whether it provokes unfortunate social norms, captures moments of epiphany of life or advocates a positive change, the exhibition knows that art propels the world in a better direction.

Photographer Tony Melvin presents oil wrestling in Turkey.

In the summer of 2013, Tony Melvin photographed - Kırkpınar - oil wrestling in Turkey.

The Theme of the last Exhibition:
Baia Mare, Rumänien. September/ Oktober 2016

"Photography has become a social phenomenon. Technical advancements allows everyone to own a camera and is accompanied by the 'magical' darkroom everywhere.

If the photographic technique is easily accessible to anyone without negligible costs, we can not say the same about the pace at which the photographic language is mastered by most of us."
Vasile Dorolt, Curator


  1. 2016 »Kırkpınar - oil wrestling in Turkey«, Baia Mare, Romania, Photography Festival
  2. 2016 »People and Machines«, Ninkaplast GmbH, Bad Salzuflen, Permanent Exhibition
  3. 2016 »Wider Outlook«, Evangelic Church, Unna
  4. 2015 »Reflections«, Gallery Kunstraum Rampe, Bielefeld
  5. 2015 »Caring for People«, Verein Daheim e.V, Gütersloh, Permanent Exhibition
  6. 2015 »Sicily | Romania – People | Landscape«, Bluebox, Bielefeld
  7. 2014 »Caring for People«, Verein Daheim e.V, Courthouse Gütersloh
  8. 2013 »Processione dei Misteri«, die kleine steinfelder galery, Steinfeld
  9. 2012 »Processione dei Misteri«, Paderborn Photo Week, Paderborn
  10. 2012 »Processione dei Misteri«, Gallery 61, Bielefeld
  11. 2009 Book publication »Im Westen«, Portraits
  12. 2007 »Mathias«, Cityhall, Bielefeld
  13. 2005 »Tanz«, le bal, Bielefeld

Personal Projects

  1. Since 2006 »Der Fremde Freiheitsschacht – The Journeymen«
  2. Since 2011 yearly in Sicily, »Easter Processions - Processione dei Misteri«
  3. Since 2012 yearly in »Turkey«
  4. Since 2012 yearly in »Romania«