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A photo of a German Trailer Park located in Steinhagen, Germany Portrait of a Dauercamper Portrait of a Dauercamper outside of his trailer, January 2007. Twilight - Preparing for a cold January night in a Trailer without heat and electricity Portrait of Wayne inside of his trailer contemplating life Sara poses for a Portrait inside of her trailer Cold January night. A trailer illuminates light in Steinhagen A dauercamper spends a drunken daydreaming about life Gisela poses for a portrait. Long exposure photography of a camper Arni poses in his kitchen. Roll your own Luky asked to be photographed. The last portrait that was photographed in Steinhagen A portrait of couple. March, spring is in the air. The last snowfall of the year. Of the last cold nights for the Dauercampers in Steinhagen

Dauercamper - Photography from a German Trailer Park

In North America, Trailer parks are not uncommon on the edge of the (small) urban societies. And these trailer parks are a symbol of that edge. Permanent campers in Germany - instead of living in an apartment - are living in caravans or motorhomes in campgrounds, so to speak, the German trailer park version. They are hardly noticed.

I visited these people and photographed them. I listened to their stories and and brought back moments of there lives. Here, the alternative life plan of permanent campers is always a very individual decision. Here at the edge I feel more at home than anywhere else. I am welcome.