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Fremde Freiheitsbrüder, Journeymen walking through a field - Paderborn Fremde Freiheitsbrüder, Journeymen hitchhiking. The rule 3 years and 1 day. The Journeymen awake and pack for the journey to Göttingen, Germany Travelling in Germany, a group of Fremde Freiheitsbrüder Fremde Freiheitsbrüder travelling through Germany The Journeymen, FFB, resting after a long journey in a park, Hannover, Germany Fremde Freiheitsbrüder awake in the early morning telling stories in Hannover, Germany Drinking beer out of a traditional glass boot in Hamburg, Germany Fremde Freiheitsbrüder working in Quelle, NRW, Germany Journey finisged with work, Steinhagen, NRW, Germany Needed sleep in a streetcar in Hannover, Germany Fremde Freiheitsbrüder playing instead of eating in Kiel,Germany Fremde Freiheitsbrüder, working in Steinhagen, Germany The Journeymen, working in Friedrichshöhe, Amshausen,Germany Lunchtime, Paderborn, Germany A Journeyman hitchhiking on the German autobahn, Weimar, Germany Fremde Freiheitsbrüder giving a helpful hand,Göttingen,Germany Fremde Freiheitsbrüder arriving in Paderborn,Germany

Der Fremde Freiheitsschacht - Photography for a new time

This guild. The journeymen. Der Fremde Freiheitsschacht. I had the opportunity to travel with these craftsmen , a centuries-old tradition of travel, and learning. I accompanied them while they worked, and even in their celebrations and festivals with my Leica camera - We hitchhiked across Germany , Austria , Switzerland and Romania.

I was given great confidence as a photographer, that I could be so close and could create unique photographs of these craftsmen.

As Robert Cappa put it: "If your photographs aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough”. But real closeness is only possible if a higher level of trust can be made. I am very grateful to have been able to accompany them and for the opportunity and freedom as a " stranger " among them as brothers. You have granted me this and I am thankful. .

more information - in English - to the wanderings of these craftsmen