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Early morning Landscape photograph Day of the dead, a women mournes A man deep in thought on a country street Romania, Maramures, an image of a mountain range A portrait of a railway steel worker A heated discussion over brandy Landscape image of hills in the mist A portrait of a Romanian Woodsman Romanian Woodsmen felling a tree Traditional Romanian Forestry horse A woodsman working the land with his horse Woodsmen stacking lumber by hand A lumber yard and sawmill in Moldovita, Romania A worker saws lumber by hand in a sawmill A worker takes a cigarette break at a sawmill A woman in a traditional Romanian costume Portrait of an Romania craftswomen showing her detailed Easter eggs a traditional Romanian saw and wood pile Portrait of a Romanian gentleman inside of his cabin in the mountains of Moldovita Traditional shepherds in the mountains, Romania, Moldovita A shepherd family falling trees in the traditional manner Early morning hills covered in mist Portrait of a farmer sharpening his scythe a typical Romanian farmhouse Portrait of a woman at her farm Women with their hoes working in the field Shepherds milking their goats for traditional handmade cheese A traditional shepherd's hut in Romania Shepherds collecting goats milk for traditional handmade cheese Landscape of the Romanian mountains in Maramures County Water buffaloes on a country road A shepherd tending his flock A wood carver and his traditional tools in Maramures,Romania A prayer monument of Jesus Christ on a country road A pig farmer tending his animals in Romania, Maramures county A women pours a traditional Romanian fruit brandy called Pálinka Woman working on a hay field with a traditional handmade wooden pitchfork A traditional Romanian Livestock market - a man tries to sell his cow Landscape, After the storm, Maramures county, Romania

Romania - Images from the regions of Moldoviţa and Maramureş

My encounters with the people in Romania are characterized by a deep and intimate connection that they have to their natural surroundings.

2013 Maramureş - I discovered the landscape and its people in this region and I was immediately fascinated. The connection that these people have to their surroundings was for me insatiable. The people and the landscape - I had to absolutely photograph both.

From the region of Moldoviţa, these images derived from a trip in the late winter of 2014. Here I was in contact with some shepherds, who still live traditionally. I also accompanied foresters/lumberjacks here in the north of Romania.

In October of 2014, I returned to Maramureș. Once again, I wanted to explore this Romanian countryside. The day of the dead celebrations and landscape photography were my themes.