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Billboard, photographed in Bielefeld The world reflects itself, Istambul, Istanbul Street photography, The streets of Sicily Ad with shadow of trafic light,Bielefeld The world being mirrored, photographed in Istanbul The world being mirrored, photographed in Palermo, Sicily Theater poster, Istanbul Palermo, Sicily. street poster of the Pope torn Billboard under an overpass, Bielefeld Billboard in Bielefeld Billboard in Bielefeld

Street Photography

These images are from the street. As a photographer we can always find pictures. Found by being aware of our surroundings - and most important, always traveling with my Leica.

This is a series of images that I have collected - impressions, or more importantly, a collection of light. Wherever they find me - whether at home in Bielefeld, or while traveling in Germany, in Sicily, in Turkey, in Romania. These are the streets that I travel.

Interview - My thoughts on photography