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Kırkpınar - Wrestlers waiting to enter the ring, Edirne Kırkpınar - before every contest the wrestlers smire themselves with olive oil Kırkpınar - Turkish oil-wrestling Kırkpınar - in the Ring! The wrestling ring a grass arena. Kırkpınar - the fight begins Kırkpınar - The rule is that the contest starts slow and respectful Kırkpınar - Wrestler after a match.oil and sweat mixes itself. Kırkpınar - Even being oiled the wrestlers can be injured - is it a part of the match? Kırkpınar - A lot matches take place at the time in this grass arena Kırkpınar - After the match wrestlers that need to medical are treated Kırkpınar - the matches in this heat are very challenging Kırkpınar - Judges and wrestlers in Edirne, Turkey Kırkpınar - The wrestlers come from all regions of Turkey to Edirne, it is one of the most important contests Kırkpınar - Some wrestlers after their matches join the spectators to watch the next rounds in Edirne Kırkpınar - When needed the wrestlers oil each other to save time Kırkpınar - Turkish wrestlers wait for their match in Edirne,Turkey Kırkpınar - In Erdine the public consists of only men - women are not allowed in the arena Kırkpınar - turkish-oil-wrestling started in Edirna in the 14th century Kırkpınar - After a match the winners prepare themselves for the next match Kırkpınar - Power Napping - concentrating and resting for the next match Kırkpınar - Kırkpınar - is the most important competition in Turkey Kırkpınar - Edirne wrestlers search for a moment of quiet Kırkpınar - The typical area in Turkey Kırkpınar - The wrestlers are naked except for their leather wrestling shorts Kırkpınar - Edirne is one of the most important contests for all of Turkey Kırkpınar - young wrestlers wait for their turn in the arena

Kırkpınar - oil wrestling in Turkey

Edirne, Turkey - 2013 - Personal project. Kırkpınar is the name of this oil wrestling in Turkey. Since 1346 there has been this tradition of wrestling among men.

Before each fight, the men are oiled with pure olive oil. These matches take place exclusively outdoors on an open lawn ring. The fighters are naked - Greek tradition - except for the leather pants, which extends to the knees. The battle is won when the opponent is either thrown on the ground and held there (as with many types of wrestling), or else the opponent can be lifted on their own shoulders, and is then defeated. These competitions are the most important sporting event in Turkey. Edirne, is the origin of this type of wrestling.