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Processione dei Misteri
Good Friday and Easter in Sicily, 2019

My yearly Holy week pilgrimage trip

Romanian Blog Interview
Kırkpınar - oil wrestling in Turkey
Blog Interview - External Link

Interview with Canadian photographer Tony Melvin

My thoughts about my connection to photography. Let Me Present. From one year ago. I prefer to work with my Leica, with natural lighting and black and white photography.

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Gigi smoking in Church

Easter, Sicily 2019 Photography trip from the 13th of April until April 21st.


A photo of a wrestler fighting his competitor

Turkish Oil Wrestling

Kırkpınar - Oil wrestling in Turkey

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A close-up photo of men carrying a statue of Jesus Christ

Sicily -Easter Processions

Processione dei Misteri -
Photography 2011-2016

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a landscape photo of a Romanian Mountain


Potraits | Landscape

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Portrait. The bride and groom kissing

Portrait Photography

Portrait photography
as a commissioned work

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A street photo of a family with a balloon

Street Photography

The streets that I travel.

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An image of a Camping trailer at night

German Trailer Park

Photography from a
German Trailer Park

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A photo of a Journeyman hitchhiking

The Journeymen - Der Fremde Freiheitsschacht

Photography for a new time

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Istanbul.A photo of the Yeni Cami Mosque

Festival of Sacrifice
kurban koydu
Warning: Graphic Material

Photographs from Istanbul

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