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Exhibition: Nature&Craft

March 20, 2020 19:00. Berrenrather Strasse 205, Cologne
We are very pleased to be able to show an exhibition with works by the Bielefeld photographer Tony Melvin in the Kleinen Markthalle Sülz from the 20th of March onwards.

We would like to invite you to join us on Friday evening for the opening of the exhibition, with its theme "Nature & Craft". His work is a fitting symbiosis with our products and philosophy of the Kleinen Markthalle Sülz.

Curator: Felipe Deitrich

Romanian Blog Interview
Kırkpınar - oil wrestling in Turkey
Blog Interview - External Link

Interview with Canadian photographer Tony Melvin

My thoughts about my connection to photography. Let Me Present. From one year ago. I prefer to work with my Leica, with natural lighting and black and white photography.

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Portrait Factory Romania

Exhibition: Nature & Craft. March 20, 2020 19:00 Berrenrather Straße 205, Cologne


A photo of a wrestler fighting his competitor

Turkish Oil Wrestling

Kırkpınar - Oil wrestling in Turkey

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A close-up photo of men carrying a statue of Jesus Christ

Sicily -Easter Processions

Processione dei Misteri -
Photography 2011-2019

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a landscape photo of a Romanian Mountain


Potraits | Landscape

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Portrait. The bride and groom kissing

Portrait Photography

Portrait photography
as a commissioned work

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A street photo of a family with a balloon

Street Photography

The streets that I travel.

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An image of a Camping trailer at night

German Trailer Park

Photography from a
German Trailer Park

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A photo of a Journeyman hitchhiking

The Journeymen - Der Fremde Freiheitsschacht

Photography for a new time

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Istanbul.A photo of the Yeni Cami Mosque

Festival of Sacrifice
kurban koydu
Warning: Graphic Material

Photographs from Istanbul

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